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There's a tendency to get stuck believing that great works were all written in the past, and thus minimize the value of those that speak with a modern voice. We believe that contemporary works can help us better understand the world in which we currently live. We want to showcase stories that were written recently. These are stories with the unique influence of our current times.

These are Stories From Today.

Stories From Today is a podcast hosted by Katie Habib and produced by Joel Kutz and Katie. Katie reads listener-submitted stories on air as fully realized short audiobooks with original music and sound. Stories From Today is based in Los Angeles, California.

Allow us to introduce ourselves...

Joel & Katie 42nd Street.jpg

Katie Habib is a card carrying thespian with a love of storytelling. She's also a professional smoothie enthusiast and she swears those two go together. She believes that stories not only have the ability to entertain, but also help us walk in the shoes of someone else for a while. Even a fictional character can offer insight, hope, inspire compassion and educate. She hopes that Stories From Today shines a light on talented writers and brings joy to those who listen. 

Joel Kutz fell in love with audio storytelling walking up and down 7th Avenue in Brooklyn in fall 2013. He now works for your favorite late night television host. In 2015, he created the podcast The Dark Place, about mental health. He co-produces Stories From Today and creates the show's sound design.

Want to contact the team at Stories From Today? Send a message via the Submit page!

Did you know? Katie also narrates full-length audiobooks. If you've written a book you'd like produced into an audiobook, use the

Contact Me form to send a message or check out her profile on ACX.

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